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Terry was born in Sunderland, England, on 3 January 1946 (aged 75) and now lives in County Durham, in the North-East of England.

Terry's father (Billy) was a butcher in Hendon, Sunderland, and his mother (Freda) was the manageress of a clothing shop. He worked many years in his father's butcher shop as a boy. It was better than school.

Terry began his career as a professional actor in 1972 when he joined Theatre Powys in Mid-Wales. He has also worked as a theatre-director, museum manager, drama teacher, television presenter and (his favourite job) Country Music singer. He still acts on stage and appears in 'The Terry Deary History Roadshow' around Britain - an entertainment with songs and stories for family audiences.

In 2009 CBBC Television launched a major television series of his Horrible Histories which has gone on to win many awards.

A series of theatre plays, 'Horrible Histories', have been created in collaboration with Birmingham Stage Company touring throughout the world. 

Therry's other theatre work in 2021/2 includes "True Ghost Stories" and "Terry Deary's Twisted Tales" on tour with The National Production Company.

'Horrible Histories - Rotten Romans: The Movie' was released in Summer 2019 with Terry appearing in a small role.

His charity work includes being patron of 'Single Homeless Action in Durham' (SHAID)

In his spare time Terry is a road runner with Derwentside Athletic Club and takes part in races from 3 miles up to the Great North Run 13.1 miles, which he's done 21 times. See the videos he made HERE. He is writing the script for a Documentary Feature Film to commemorate the 40th running of the Great North Run in 2021, 'The Great North - a run, a river, a region'. 

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