Future Publications

Below is a list of planned publications over the next year. Plans change so this is a rough guide...

May 2012

A new edition of "Crime and Punishment" has been released as a paperback. it is called simply "Horrible Histories - Cruel Crime" and will be in the shops from early June 2012



The publishing schedule for the next "Horrible Histories" ebooks is as follows:
November 2011
Awful Egyptians, Frightful First World War,
Rotten Romans, Terrifying Tudors, Vile Victorians and Woeful Second World War
December 2011
Cut-throat Celts, Groovy Greeks, Measly Middle Ages, Angry Aztecs, Slimy
Stuarts  and Vicious Vikings
May 2012
Horrible Histories Gruesome Guides: Dublin, Edinburgh, London,
Stratford-upon-Avon and York
July 2012
Barmy British Empire, Ruthless Romans, Awesome Egyptians, Blitzed Brits,
Gorgeous Georgians and Incredible Incas
November 2012
Savage Stone Age, Smashing Saxons, Stormin' Normans, Terrible Tudors and
Villainous Victorians

New Anniversary Editions of "Horrible Histories"

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Horrible Histories, eight bestselling titles are going to be reformatted in an updated style. The titles and publication dates are as follows:

February 2013
Awful Egyptians, Measly Middle Ages, Rotten Romans and Terrifying Tudors
September 2013
Groovy Greeks, Vicious Vikings, Vile Victorians and Woeful Second World War

New Colour Editions of "Horrible Histories"

A new title, the author's coice of  'Horrible Histories' best (and worse) bits will be published in March 2013 and a history of the worst events in history, ‘Deadly Days’ will be published in May. Both will be full-colour hardbacks.

Horrible Histories in the USA

If you live in the USA and want a wide choice of Horrible Histories titles at bargain prices then the supplier has just updated the news. For all the gory details at: 

Horrible Books

www.horriblebooks.com   ray@horriblebooks.com

Tel 888DELSOL1, Tel 8582020235, Fax 877DELSOL8

Google Voice 8585984761, Skype Horrible Books

6574 Edmonton Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92122

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