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Terry Deary 'Macbeth Curse' play premiere

See HERE for latest update on Terry's new play "The Macbeth Curse" in production 2016

Latest news - November 2015News and diary - November 2015

 The latest interview with Terry can be read HERE from 1 August "Daily Telegraph" Magazine


This month Terry will be planning 3 new series with production companies:-

1Terry's Favourite song

See Terry talk about his favourite song, and his reason for choosing it. Go to:-

"The Sun" article 1 May 2015

This interview appeared in "The Sun" newspaper on Friday 1 May 2015 ...

100 Best Children's Books EVER

Terry's "Horrible Histories Rotten Romans" has been named in a "Daily Telegraph" list of the Hundred Best Children's Books EVER.

Click HERE to see the other 99.

Latest Interview

Read Terry's comments on his new book, "Dangerous Days on the Victorian Railways" HERE 



Down with schools ... Yorkshire Post interview

To see Terry's latest interview go to