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Top Ten title

Terry's latest title, "Horrible Histories - Terrible Trenches" is this month's No.3 best-selling book - all books, not just children's books. Here's the full list ...



Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain

The new "Horrible Histories" stage show has started touring and received excellent reviews including this one from "The Daily Telegraph


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Terry continues work on his new series of history books for adults. From 2013 to 2015 heDown with schools ... Yorkshire Post interview

To see Terry's latest interview go to 

'Dangerous Days' ready to roll

Terry Deary's new series of entertaining history books for adults launches on 7 November with "Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire". Here is a preview of the cover. Could be...

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Latest September 2013 news

See for the latest interview with Terry about his writing career. 

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Terry continues work on his"Horrible Histories" on television

The HH television series which ran for five years has been named one of the top-ten children's television programmes of all time. See for the list