Spring 2024

This year I'll be writing two new books and a play.

1. 'Actually I'm a murderer' a murder-mystery will be published in 2025 but I'll be starting the next title in the series, 'Actually I'm a corpse' in 2024. These mystery thrillers for adults will be published by Constable and Robinson.

2. 'A history of Britain in ten enemies' will be published by Transworld for adult readers in September 2024 while this year I work on a follow-up title 'Revolting People'.

3. Horrible Histories of Animals entitled 'Paws, Claws anjd Jaws' is out in March 24 while threee new titles will be published later in the year, 'Horrible Histories - Cardiff' and 'Horrible Histories Liverpool' will appear after Easter 24.  'Horrible Histories - Toilets' Published by Scholastic September 2024

4. A new play for the "Horrible Histories Terrible Thames" river cruise will be available to book after Easter 24. The script is being completed and ready for Birmingham Stage Company to perform live on the river. "Terrible Thames 1" will still run for those who haven't seen it and it will be joined by the new "Terrible Thames 2" from Easter to October 2024.

The following article appeared in 'The Bookseller' on 20 October 2023 and outlines a new direction for my publishing career.

Horrible Histories creator Deary pens story of Britain's past for Transworld 


There are no dates planned for signings or book events until Autumn 2024 to launch A History of Britain in Ten Enemies. Dates will appear here.


  • I have about 100 children's fiction titles that are now out of print. I have been working to convert some of them into e-books and make them available to a new generation of readers. In June 2013 I relaunched his fabulous "Tudor Chronicles" historical fiction series as Kindle downloads.
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My massively popular 'True Stories' from the 1990s are also released as Kindle books
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